Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall - Improvements

(Update December 2017)

The roof insulation upgrade in the Large Hall has been completed. In addition, new lighting and de stratification fans have been installed. The roof insulation upgrade in the Small Hall was completed in early December.

A new high efficiency heating unit has been installed for the Large Hall and the Small Hall heating unit has been modified to provide better temperature control.

The installation of the roof P.V. renewable energy system has been completed. This also includes an “Intelligent Hot Water” supply facility.

The Energy Efficiency and Environment project 2017 is now regarded as complete.

A very big thank you is due to all of  the organisations that supported this project. This includes Uffington Parish Council, Uffington White Horse Show Trust, Vale of White Horse District Council, TOE2 Trust for Oxfordshire’s

Environment, Garfield Weston Foundation, Doris Field Charitable Trust, The Faringdon & District Rotary Club. THANK YOU.

Future Wish List

  1. Re tiling Small Hall floor
  2. New curtains throughout
  3. Hearing loop system
  4. Renew electrical distribution boards

If you would like to consider making a donation towards any of these future projects, please contact a member of the management  committee (see information page).

Your donation would be contributing to the whole community and your support would be very much appreciated.